Talking to a Doctor

Why You Should See One

You should always make sure you are signed up to a doctor’s surgery (General Practice) in your local area. There are lots of benefits to being signed up to a doctor’s surgery:


  • You can have a regular doctor who is aware of any long term conditions you may have
  • You can book appointments, rather than not knowing when you will be seen if you use a walk-in centre 
  • Having someone regularly focused on your health means they might notice things you don’t 
  • They can refer you to any local specialists easily, for any needs you may have

Top Tips

Going to see a doctor can be overwhelming, especially if you are scared about finding out what the problem you are going for might be. But it is always important to go as it will be beneficial to your health and wellbeing in the long term. There are some things you can do to make it easier:


Write down a list of questions or concerns you have before your appointment, try the notes page on your phone! 


Bring a family member or friend for support, they can come in with you or sit in the waiting room 


Taking notes during your appointment so you can remember what was said


If you don’t understand something, ask them to say it again or explain it in a different way


Ask your doctor if you can record your conversation on your phone to listen back to it again

If you are also uncomfortable about seeing a doctor for an intimate examination, you can request to have a doctor of a certain gender. 

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