With 14 young people aged 15-29 being diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, early education is an absolute necessity. It also ensures young people have life-long knowledge on how to spot cancer early. At CATTs we are committed to providing all young people with comprehensive awareness workshops covering the common signs and symptoms, self-examination, and communicating health concerns.

However, due to these uncertain times, our ability as a charity to continue providing this essential service hangs in the balance. The pandemic has had a damaging impact on the charity sector, with huge reductions of income and the inability to offer face to face activities affecting our fundraising and work. We urgently need your help to reach more young people across the UK.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can support our urgent appeal, all of which will ensure we can reach more young people with our work and the vital messages that are needed now more than ever. We’ve got a target of £20,000 to help us make this a reality. So what can you do to help us get there?

  • Donate to our urgent appeal 
  • Set up a small monthly donation (and we’ll add your contribution to our target!) 
  • Fundraise for towards our appeal! We’ll even send you a fundraiser pack and give you all the support you need to get started, simply set up a JustGiving page using the button below and we’ll be in touch, or you can email hello@wearecatts.co.uk if you want to have a chat first
  • Work for a company? Fancy putting us forward to be a charity of the year or a one-off donation? How about fundraising in-house? We’d love to partner with you on our vital cause, so get in touch! 


You'll give us the security and stability we need to continue our vital awareness.

Important questions.

We’re a very small (but mighty) charity and have big ambitions for the future to allow us to to change the landscape for young people’s health.

But like all charities, the pandemic has had a big impact on what that might look like. A lot of our income comes from grants, and because of the impact on the economy, the demand for these has been record breaking. Delays in receiving outcomes on applications are long, meaning charities like us are having to look for other ways to secure our future in the meantime. 

We’re launching this urgent appeal so that we can keep raising awareness through the delivery of workshops, ensuring more young people have access to health education so cancer can be detected earlier.

The need for this work is urgent. Our health service in the UK is under immense pressure, and there is a particular strain on the cancer sector. At CATTs, we are dedicated to ensuring earlier diagnosis of cancer in young people, as well as giving people the tools to empower them in their own health, so that cancer can also be detected earlier during later adulthood.

The need for our work is more urgent now than ever after cancer referrals dropped by 75% during the pandemic.

Find out more about how you can help above. Any support will ensure we can make this a reality!

We’ve got a lot of big plans for our future and how we can make a real difference to young people’s health. The money from this urgent appeal will give us the ability to start some of that work prior to receiving a larger grant. This urgent appeal will be prioritised towards workshops and awareness for young people (aged 15-29) in areas of deprivation and focusing on health inequalities as a priority.

There are many things you can do to support our appeal. Just press a few buttons to spread the word!

  • Share the appeal with your family and friends in WhatsApp chats and Facebook groups
  • Share the appeal on your own social media accounts
  • Donate to our appeal
  • Fundraise for us! We’ll add any funds you raise towards our total
  • Work for a company? Put us forward for a charity partnership or ‘charity of the year’

Need some help or want to chat more? Simply email us on hello@wearecatts.co.uk or use our contact form and we’ll be in touch. 

Donation Benefits

When you give, so do we!
£ 100+
One-off donation
  • Self checking guides for all your staff on how to check for lumps
£ 200+
One-off donation
  • 1 hour virtual self-checking tutorial with Q&A for all your staff
£ 500+
One-off donation
  • 2 hour in-person workshop for all staff

Empowering Futures

We want to secure a future for young people where they feel empowered in their own health and communicating their worries to healthcare professionals. This means the need for increased access to health education! We’re the only UK charity focusing on generalised cancer awareness for young people. Our health education centres around our main service, our workshops. These are suitable for both under and over 18’s and are ran in schools, colleges, workplaces and youth centres in collaboration with our partners. They ensure young people know the common signs and symptoms, what to look out for, risk factors of cancer as well as how to record changes in themselves and SO much more. Want to partner with us to bring our workshops to your area? Get in touch! 

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