Pre-Recorded Workshops

You’re one step closer to our workshops! Here you’ll find more information on our pre-recorded workshop offerings to help you choose the best option. 

How this helps you...

The pandemic has impacted how we all live, work and learn. We reacted to this by ensuring all our workshops were available in pre-recorded formats in addition to our live versions. That means they are accessible to the new ways you might be working with young people, and ensuring that no one misses out on vital health education. 

All our pre-recorded materials are based off our two core workshops in the programme, so whatever you choose, the young people you support aren’t missing out. So go ahead, choose what works for you! 

The Core Workshops

Awareness of the common signs and symptoms of cancer in young people is generally very low, this workshop aims to change that. We go through the common signs and symptoms, and more, and by the end of the workshop young people will know how to:

  • Recognise and recall the common signs and symptoms
  • Self-check for any changes 
  • Identify potentially cancerous moles 
  • Identify signs of skin cancer on all skin colours 
  • Confidently speak to healthcare professionals 
  • Approach conversations about health with friends and family 

It is important that young people know how to reduce their risk of cancer while they are young. This workshop helps them to understand what a risk factor is, and what they can do to actively improve their health by:

  • Identifying the risk factors of cancer 
  • What they can do to reduce their risk overall 
  • Taking care of their sexual health 
  • Protecting themselves from HPV 
  • Enjoying the sun safely and keeping their skin healthy 

Full Workshops

Young people deserve to grow up knowing the signs and symptoms of cancer, and how to check themselves. That’s why we’re here to help, by delivering workshops to pupils (14+) in schools and colleges, helping them to be more empowered in their bodies and confident in speaking to healthcare professionals.

What you’ll get:

  • Pre-recorded ‘Check Yourself Out’ workshop 
  • Pre-recorded ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Moles’ workshop 
  • Printable worksheet activities 

Mini Workshops

By choosing our mini-workshops, you’ll get the same experience as our full workshops, but in smaller sessions. Perfect for fitting around your busy schedules, while ensuring young people have access to the vital health education they deserve.

What you’ll get:

  • Six (15-20 minute) pre-recorded workshops 
  • E-learning quizzes for each workshop 

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