Full Workshops

Here’s you’ll find our Full Workshops as part of the Salford Workshops Programme . These cover everything from the common signs and symptoms of cancer, checking for abnormal moles and getting clued up on sun safety. 

Check Yourself Out

This workshop is 54 minutes in length and is accompanied by a workbook giving young people a chance to test their knowledge throughout! Awareness of the common signs and symptoms of cancer in young people and the topics surrounding this subject is generally very low, we want to change that.

By the end of the workshop, young people can come away knowing how to: 

  • Recognise and recall the common signs and symptoms
  • Self-check for any changes
  • Identify potentially cancerous moles
  • Identify signs of skin cancer on all skin colours
  • Confidently speak to healthcare professionals 
  • Approach conversations about health with friends and family 

Watch the workshop along with the workbook. They’ll soon be an expert!

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Moles

Please note, this workshop is most suitable for young people over 14 years of age. This particular workshop includes references to different types of sex, sexual health, identity and cervical screenings. It is also LGBTQ+ inclusive. 

This workshop is 60 minutes in length and focuses on the importance of risk factors when it comes to cancer. We cover what a risk factor is and what they can do as young people to actively improve their health by:

  • Identifying the risk factors of cancer
  • What they can do to reduce their risk overall
  • Taking care of their sexual health
  • Protecting themselves from HPV
  • Enjoying the sun safety and keeping their skin healthy 

Watch the workshop along with the workbook. They’ll soon be an expert! 

Information for teachers!

Although our approach is very informal, fun and interactive with a focus on general health, these workshops still may be upsetting for young people due to the discussion of cancer, especially those who may have experience of this in their family lives. As these workshops are pre-recorded, you will be able to watch them beforehand to decide whether there may be any trigger points which could cause upset for specific pupils and students. 

We hope after these workshops your students and pupils will feel more confident speaking to healthcare professionals, understanding the risk factors of cancer, how to protect themselves, being clued up on self-checking for signs and symptoms and generally feeling more confident when it comes to their health.

We always want to make it clear through our work that cancer in young people is uncommon but by preparing them with this advice, they can grow up feeling empowered and clued up. If any pupil or student expresses concern after the workshop, please direct them to contact their GP. 

The learning outcomes of these workshops, as well as how they align with the PSHE curriculum, and more information about how to deliver them to a classroom and use of the workbooks can be found in our teacher guide.

If you have anymore queries, we are always here to support! Contact us on salfordworkshops@wearecatts.co.uk. 

Our only ask...

These workshops are free for use in schools, colleges, youth clubs and other community groups in City of Salford thanks to NHS Salford CCG. To ensure we can keep improving them for more and more young people, we need your help.

We ask any teachers, tutors or youth workers to complete a short survey to help us understand how young people have responded to our content, and what you might like to see from us in the future, such as an in-person workshop.

We also ask a small sample of your pupils and students to complete a survey for us, which we will have already mentioned to you when you got in touch.

If you have come across this link and want to use our content but haven’t yet got in touch, please email us at salfordworkshops@wearecatts.co.uk so we can keep track of its use and impact. 

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