Clare's Story

I was diagnosed age 15 on the first day of year 11 with a brain tumour after an MRI.

I was referred to hospital after I went to my doctor with headaches, a drooping face, spasming muscles and severe fatigue. I was told this was probably migraines and stress but to be sure I had the MRI.

Everything fell apart at first, I thought I’d have to give up on school and I thought my life was over. Things like this just never happened to people like me, I even thought it was my fault.

In the summer 2015 I had my craniotomy to remove my tumour. Recovery hasn’t been easy, I think people assume that because you look better that you are. Emotionally I’m still all over the place but I’m starting to see the positives. I have been more positive since diagnosed as crazy as it sounds, but my diagnosis was the motivation I needed.

It has definitely changed my life and I do still struggle with fatigue and other problems but I am genuinely more positive, I think there’s an element of just getting on with things and putting things into perspective. I’m never going to stop living my life.

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