Alex's Story

Being diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 15 certainly changed my life.

When I was ill, especially at such a young age, I just kind of got on with the operations and treatment without ever really thinking about the significance of it all. Survivorship, however, was a more difficult concept for me. The impact of cancer doesn’t stop suddenly once treatment is over.

It was only when I was put into remission that the true emotional ‘scars’ started to open up. Although it was hard to talk about, and even now the word ‘cancer’ still sends chills down my back, I found that using my story to raise awareness of the disease allowed me to stop letting cancer define me as a person, and instead see it as a means of motivation in my life.

I wear a ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ wristband everyday as a symbol of everything that I have been through. It’s really cheesy, I know, but when I’m having a bad day it puts everything else into perspective and reminds me that I beat cancer, so why should anything else stop me from living my life.

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